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The RCBC Plaza in the Philippines Is Very Satisfied with the Quality of Air@-EL300

The RCBC Plaza is one of the most prominent and prestigious building in the Philippines today. The complex consists of 2 tower buildings(46-level Yuchengco Tower, 41-level Tower 2), a 3-level podium and 7 levels of basement parking.

When our partner in the Philippines, i3Technogies, proposed Air@-EL300 early this year, their clients were a little hesitant because of unawareness of the product.

i3Technogies kept on marketing Air@-EL300 because they believed that this product would be the solution for the age-long problem of coaxial cables on elevator CCTV. i3Technogies set up a meeting with the RCBC Plaza, and gave a presentation about the advantages and benefits of Air@-EL300.

At last, they installed a test unit at the RCBC Plaza's 39 high-speed passenger elevator. Expectedly, the installed product worked very well. Their client liked it very much and placed the second order of Air@-EL300. Their second installation recently done at RCBC Plaza was successful, too.

"The RCBA Plaza is very satisfied with the quality of Air@-EL300. They are pleased on how clear the video quality turned out. Kudos to this laser video transmission product, it is a truly breakthrough product. We have growing a number of interested clients with the laser product, from building contractors to end users," said Mr. Erick Verdera, the account executive of i3Technologies.


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